Our Materials

18K Gold

We use 18K gold as our primary material as it is the most popular and prestigious option in the jewelry industry due to its balance of durability and purity. It contains 75% pure gold and 25% other alloys, making it more resilient and less prone to scratches or wear compared to higher purity gold like 24k.
The use of 18K gold allows our brand to create luxurious and enduring pieces that can withstand the test of time while exceeding a rich and radiant appearance.  The versatility of 18K gold enables us to explore various design possibilities, ensuring that our high jewelry pieces will be both exquisite and long-lasting, further enhancing their value and appeal to discerning customers.
18K Gold can come in various colors, including yellow, white, and even rose. The color of the gold is influenced by the types and amounts of other metals used in the alloy. This gives our customers the ability to customize their piece to their liking and captures each women’s personality and character.


Incorporating diamonds as a material in our brand Appear is a hallmark of luxury and elegance. Diamonds are renowned for their unparalleled brilliance, rarity and enduring beauty. Making them a perfect complement to our brands vision of inspiring women to express their boldness at all times.
By skillfully integrating diamonds Into our designs, we create breathtaking and unique pieces that capture the essence of our brands philosophy. The inherent sparkle of diamonds mirrors the radiance and confidence we wish to inspire in the women who wear our jewelry, allowing them to shine and express their boldness with every glance.

Natural Gemstones

All our gemstones are natural which gives each piece of jewelry its own unique and creative touch. That rare feel of having an art piece that is specially made for you, a piece that will not have a duplicate. The impurities seen within the natural stones used resemble strength and beauty. Its natural beauty and rarity make it an excellent choice for creating statement pieces that capture attention and inspire a sense of awe.
Ruby, Emerald, Turquoise, Malachite and much more rare and precious stones are used to add what we call the finishing touches to our designs. Those natural gemstones play a vital role in adding value, allure, and significance to your new art piece. The combination of gemstones and precious metals creates a harmonious balance in the overall aesthetic of the jewelry.
Most natural gemstones carry symbolic meaning and cultural significance. Therefore, we at Appear give our customers the ability to choose between gemstones, you are able to make each piece more personal and meaningful to you.


By harnessing the artistry of enamel in our jewelry, we unleash a realm of boundless creativity, where colors dance and designs come to life. Enamel graces the world of jewelry with a wide range color palette and exquisite craftsmanship giving women the ability to express themselves with their own town of colors. Derived from fusing powdered glass to metal through high heat, enamel infuses adornments with a stunning array of hues and intricate designs, captivating the eye with its luminous and lustrous appeal. We paint stories of passion, elegance, and joy on precious metal canvases, bestowing our creations with an enchanting allure that captures the hearts and ignites the imaginations of all who wear them.